Teversal is a unique place whose history, like so many others, is in danger of being lost to future generations. Teversal Heritage Group was formed to record and preserve as much information, past and present, as is possible for future generations and to create an archive that can be accessed by the public.

Two projects have already been completed - a small, illustrated booklet describing the history of the Manor Room (once a school now the village hall) and a DVD bringing historic film of Teversal up to date - both of which are on sale to the public.

The long-term aim is to create a continuing historical record of the Teversal area. Photographs, documents and personal testimony are all important sources of information and the Group is actively seeking material to be accumulated in a heritage centre based in the Manor Room.

The result will be a single source to which individuals can donate material that might otherwise be lost, either in its original form or as copies. Several members of the public have already given access to their own collections of material and the Group hope that others will follow suit. Any donated items of particular value will be copied and sent on to the Nottinghamshire Archive Office to be preserved in ideal conditions. The Group has recording, photographic, computer and archival equipment and offers training in specialised skills.

Volunteers are always welcome and are encouraged to pursue their particular interests with appropriate support. It is also an opportunity to make friends and acquire new skills from interviewing and recording techniques to film, photography and computer expertise.

Regular meetings take place at the Manor Room and if you would like to join please contact us via the Contact page